Surfing on a green wave is a second step after mastering "white waves" surfing
Loading the Land Rover before the surf classOn the way to the spot offering the best conditions of the dayOne of 20 surfing spots in north FuerteventuraEvery surf lesson starts with a proper warm upA group warm up and stretching is necessary before every surf sessionLearning to stand up on the boardLearning to “pop up” on the sand before practicing in the waterGroup of beginner surfers on their way to start catching wavesFirst days of surf course are run in shallow water. Students learn to catch “white waves”Instructor always observing their students’ progress and giving tipsSurfing a small “white  wave” is just a first stepLearning to balance on the board while on a small  waveLearning to go “down the line” on a small waveSurfing on a green wave is a second step after mastering “white waves” surfingLearning to find the right spot to wait for the waves to comeLearning to sit on the board and wait for the right waveLearning to pass under the wave in “duck dive” styleOur instructors also like to surf after class. Students can observe them and learn

Beginner surfing course 1-10 days



1 or 2 day course – introduction to surfing

The 1 or 2 day surfing course is aimed at introducing you to this wonderful water sport and showing you the basic learning techniques. You will learn to control, paddle and surf small “white water” waves in shallow water.

At the beach the group is arranged into a semi circle where they undergo a surfing specific warm up and safety brief, where all students are made aware of the lesson plan, any potential dangers and all the signals/commands used by the instructors.

Key elements you will learn during the course:

  • How to enter the water safely
  • How to position yourself on the board (lying and sitting)
  • How to paddle lying on the board
  • How and when to stand up
  • How to surf a small wave
  • How to turn on the wave

Book 3,4, 5 or 10 day course to improve your surfing skills and master following:

  • Choosing the right time and place to paddle out (behind the breaking waves)
  • Going under the waves (duck dive or turtle technique)
  • Learning to observe the waves to choose the right wave to paddle
  • Catching and surfing the “green waves”
  • Learning to go along the wave (down the line)
  • Turning up and down on the wave

Each day we will learn standing techniques, board control, paddling and wipe out survival!! In addition to that you will also be given theory lessons on types of breaks, surf board design, equipment, history and water survival and safety.

Surf course logistics:

You will be collected from you apartment or hotel either at 10 am or 1.30 pm depending what time was confirmed to you. You then get taken to our surf centre where once all paper work is filled then you choose a wetsuit and board, load it on the Landrover and we head to the best beach.
At the end of the session you will be dropped off at the hotel/ apartment after you have had a chance to review pictures/ videos that have been made of the days surfing.

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